Overview and Timeline

Project Overview

Bord na Móna is proposing to develop a wind farm on Clongawny and Drinagh bogs located in Co. Offaly. The proposed wind farm will be known as Derrinlough Wind Farm.


Number of turbines

It is proposed, that the wind farm will consist of 21 turbines. The proposed wind farm will have a maximum export capacity in excess of 85 Megawatts (MW).


Height of turbines

The proposed turbines will have an overall blade tip height of up to 185 metres. Within this size envelope, various configurations of hub height and rotor diameter may be used. The exact make and model of the turbine will be dictated by a competitive tender process post planning and it will not exceed the maximum tip height of 185 metres.


Setback distance

The minimum setback distance to the nearest house is 750m.


Internal Road Network

The proposed wind farm will have approximately 28 km of internal road network. It is intended that approximately 18 km of this road network will be open for public use when the wind farm becomes operational. To view the proposed internal road network, please click here.

Local Amenity Links

Approximately 6.5 km of local amenity links will also be provided. This will include three access points from the adjacent road network and provision for future connectivity to Lough Boora Discovery Park and the proposed Whigsborough Amenity Walk.