Derrinlough Construction Fund Terms and Conditions

Derrinlough Wind Farm Construction Fund Terms & Conditions


  • Only applications from organisations and groups within the vicinity of the Derrinlough Wind Farm are eligible for consideration. Priority will be given to locations directly impacted by the construction works or transport route.


  • Only one application per group, per year may be submitted. Applications will not be accepted from individuals.


  • Proposed projects must demonstrate a clear focus on one or a number of the following fund themes: Education, Environment, Energy Efficiency/Sustainability, Culture/Heritage, Recreation/Health and Amenity/Community Facilities


The following qualifying criteria will apply:

  • Benefiting entity must be satisfactorily constituted
  • Benefiting entity must be not-for-profit
  • Benefiting entity must be tax compliant (where relevant)
  • Membership of the benefiting entity must be open and non-discriminatory
  • Benefiting project must not espouse any political, religious or social exclusion philosophy, doctrine or policy
  • Projects must have a clearly identifiable benefit for their community, and its local residents.


  • All projects involving construction, renovation, structural or ground works must apply with proof of planning permission or an exemption letter from the Local Authority or Local Area Engineer.


Proposed projects which demonstrate any of the below characteristics are not eligible for consideration:

  • Projects operated by individuals/private sector organisations.
  • Projects which directly promote/advance any religion/faith
  • Projects which directly promote/advance any political party.
  • Projects which primarily benefit organisations that apply restrictive ‘members only’ conditions to access
  • Projects which directly replace statutory activities/funding.
  • Projects which provide unnecessary duplicate activities/services/infrastructure within the community.
  • Projects which do not directly benefit the local community and are not deemed as ‘not-for-profit’.
  • Projects which seek to purchase/cover the cost of the following: Salaries of core staff and Operating Costs,
  • Objects that duplicate work that the sponsor or other third parties have already committed to or completed in the area,
  • Projects that may damage the reputation of the sponsor or that conflict with or adversely affect the aim, objectives or policy of  Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna or other associated company.


  • The Derrinlough Construction Fund is not designed to support statutory or other accountable bodies unless they can provide evidence that the project is community-led, open, accessible and for the benefit of the community and is not a statutory responsibility. Therefore, if a school wishes to apply to the Fund, they must demonstrate that their project would not normally be funded by the Department of Education and Skills.
  • Only complete applications can be considered for funding, please complete allsections before submitting for review.


  • Applications that contain match funding will be welcomed


  • Applications will be assessed by an internal awards committee, which will contact you with their final decision as soon as a final decision has been made.


  • If considered necessary, Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna reserves the right to request additional information or plans. This may include requesting the applicant to meet with the committee to answer questions on the application.


  • Quotations must be submitted with all applications to verify the value of each item/service you wish to purchase as follows:
    • If any individual item is less than €5,000 (i.e. Up to €4,999), – minimum one quote is required
    • If any individual item costs €5,000 or more – you must provide three quotes from three different suppliers
    • Where a proposed project involves the contracting of work or the purchase of materials, three quotations from three different suppliers for each of these should be obtained and submitted, unless exceptional circumstances exist where these cannot be provided.


For projects relating to renovation/construction/refurbishment/structural works the following is required:

    • Planning permission or a letter of exemption from relevant Local Authority
    • Consent letter from property owner to undertake the proposed works. In the case where a property is leased, the lease must be valid for a minimum period of two years at a minimum


  • Benefiting cases may be subject to audit and receipts of expenditure will be requested


  • Where an application originates from a club, society, charity or small business; it must be accompanied by copies of the organisation’s most recent independently examined accounts, it’s constitution. However, if it is not possible to provide any of these requirements then a letter explaining why must accompany the application.


  • If your organisation is VAT registered, no claim for payment may be made for the VAT element of expenditure.


  • Upon submission of your application, you will receive an e-mail to confirm receipt of your application.


  • Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna will review all applications to ensure they meet the Fund’s eligibility criteria. Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna reserves the right to ask applicants to submit further information in support of their application.


  • With few exceptions, all grants from the Derrinlough Wind Farm Construction Fund will be made retrospectively, as such; monies will only be made available to an organisation upon completion of the proposed project.


  • It is important that the work of the Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna is acknowledged in any published materials, which relate to the grant-funded project.   Therefore, if an application is successful, organisations are required to (a) acknowledge the contribution of the wind farm development and Bord na Móna in any publicity they might produce and (b) allow and participate in any publicity that the wind farm development and Bord na Móna might organise. Where applicable, permanent signage will be required to be erected acknowledging the support of the wind farm. Appropriate signage will be supplied by Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna.


Publicity Notice

Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna are committed to operating the Derrinlough Construction Fund (the “Fund”) in an open and transparent manner. Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna will publish details about the Fund on its Derrinlough project website. Where appropriate we will use social media and local media to highlight the benefits of the Fund to the local community.


Data Protection

Any personal data you provide to Bord na Móna Plc in connection with your application to the Construction Fund will be processed in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018.



Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna Plc shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage or costs of any nature arising directly or indirectly from this application or the subject matter of the application. Derrinlough Wind Farm DAC and Bord na Móna Plc, its servants or agents shall not at any time in any circumstances be held responsible or liable in relation to any matter whatsoever arising in connection with the development, planning, construction, operation, management and/or administration of individual projects.